We recieve no core funding and are a fledgling community business, whilst we wish we could offer everything for free, we can't. Much of our work will be helped and enhanced by the contributions of our Fringe Family of volunteers, your goodwill and the support of the wonderful creative communities around us.


The hire fees below will help support the creative hub's outlays and are for guidance purposes, with the final hire fee depending on the shape, flavour and needs of your event. We're open to bespoke ideas, bespoke packages and bartering.  The prices quoted are for the space and any extras are listed below.

Everything we do this year will be a trial period for us and for you. We've tried to develop fair and affordable pricing but we'll be asking all our clients and audiences about value for money and encouraging feedback to ensure we cover the costs of the unit and we'd love you to help shape the direction of the creative hub.

You can DOWNLOAD our Price Sheet here

£15 per hour

£40 for a 3 hour block then hourly rate


£10 per hour

£25 for a 3 hour block then hourly rate







£8 per hour

£20 for a 3 hour block then hourly rate

£30 per hour

£90 for a 3 hour block then hourly rate

£35 per hour

£100 for a 3 hour block then hourly rate


Choose the equipment or facilities you need for your event and use this guide for costing up your hire fee. Equipment is listed with the cost of use per hour.

PA - included in hire fee

Sound engineer - £20.00 p/h

Projector - £2.00 p/h

Screen - £2.00 p/h

Whiteboard and paper - £1.00 p/h

Drum Kit - TBC upon availability

Backline - TBC upon availability

Stage Lights - £2.00 p/h

Wifi - Included in hire fee

Stage - included in hire fee

Tables and Chairs - included in hire fee

Teas and coffees - Commercial rate £1.25 per head 

Community Rate £0.50 per headd